Best Hawaii Beaches – Eco Oahu Guide

Oahu is encircled as a lei with much more scenic miles of sandy beaches than the Hawaiian Islands. The island also abounds with water sports, many of which support ecotourism and are inexpensive or free. Yet most travelers spend their whole vacations at Waikiki. And they never realize what they’re lacking.

Several of the greatest beaches in Hawaii and America are normally found on Oahu. You may well have seen several of them over the Travel Channel. At least 2 of them, Lanikai and Kailua Bay, have earned the top place on Oahu’s best beach park.

Even on a small budget, you are able to kayak, snorkel, swim, body board, take a surf lesson, start a sailing dolphin swim cruise, paddle on a body board to a deserted off shore island, and still have cash left for other eco activities. Amazing sunsets on the North Shore and the Leeward side are free of charge, as are front row seats to world class surfing championships.

And with shore waters surrounding the island no cooler than most indoors swimming pools, there’s simply no need to lease a wet suit. All those with disabilities are able to use, free of charge, one of the many Landeez All Terrain Wheelchairs provided by the Honolulu Department of Parks.

Before going for your fun in the sun, think of a few words of caution. Only get into the waters where there are lifeguards and no signs warning of strong currents or perhaps other dangers. Check with the lifeguard about ocean conditions. The City and County of Honolulu has a map of lifeguarded beaches which may be printed from the Website of theirs at Hawaii Ocean Safety

Below, you’ll in addition discover beach safety tips offered by Hawaii lifeguard, for example alerts about climbing around on the rocks near the surf. Invariably you should continue to be off of stones which are close enough to the water for waves to crash on them as well as that are slippery. And to avoid a painful sun burn, always don’t forget to apply waterproof sunscreen. The cooling trade winds make you believe that you’re getting much less of those intense tropical sun rays than you’re.