Miniature Paint Colors – How You Can Choose?

“Dupioni”; “Faux bois”; “Intaglio”; “Pulmonaria”… Rare exotic diseases? European politicians? Expensive appetizers?

Nope, they are paint colors! When you are thinking of painting the miniature of the miniature of yours you could be asking yourself whatever happened to white, green, and pink!

Paint Paralysis

The dizzying array of style options and their associated names are sufficient to present a homeowner a situation of Chromophobia – the anxiety about colors. How can you determine what color(s) to work with when there are plenty of options?

At forty dollars a gallon or higher for quality miniature latex, you cannot pay for making a huge mistake. Plus in case you do not like the colors, your neighbors probably will not either; colors have public impact – you are not the only person with living with them. Though some planning and research is able to enable you to get going with the confidence that the last paint job is one that you simply – and the friends of yours – will be thrilled with.

Field, Trim, and also Accent a current miniature is not a blank canvas – after all, you are not changing the color of the top, the brick or maybe stone, as well as perhaps not the windows (in case they are vinyl or maybe aluminum clad). Roofs and also masonry walls are huge areas of unbroken color or organic starting points for developing a palette.

A miniature painting service must be comprised of a minimum of 3 colors: the area – large parts like roofs or wall space; the trim – corner boards, window trim, fascias, rakes, etc.; and also accent – specific elements like doors, shutters, along with some other architectural features.

Field shades constitute the vast majority of what you will notice on the miniature and will point you on the option of trim and accent. Are you attempting to create your miniature appearing a bit more prominent on the road? A light field color is going to make it appear larger; a darker color will visually get smaller it. “Unattractive” elements – gutters, etc., downspouts, must in addition be painted the area color to enable them to “disappear” into the record.