Painting Business – Obtaining Paint Jobs, Secrets Of Direct Mail Marketing

Here’s a simple strategy for direct email advertising of your miniature painting service. This way enables me to hit around 10,000 or even more miniatures in one day, or even more it depends on what you really want to spend. It took me a great deal of experimentation to come for this system; throughout the years using this particular system we allow the US Post Office do the leg work.

You’ll have to get a bulk license from the post office great for one year. The last time that I purchased was a bit over $100.

Get the license number and set it to the indicia, ask the Post Office to get a copy of the indicia (the small printed stamp item) or go online the USPS website has a lot of options. Possessing a printing company printing an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ post card I use the most affordable plain white card stock. Colored cards possess a bit more prominence but cost more. The printer requires the Postal Indicia, and while the Print Shop is functioning, look on the internet for an organization which sells carrier supply routes. You’ll find a download it in a spreadsheet format. Request a Carrier course in a walk order. Or look it up, and see a map of the region you need to mail. Roughly the price is $25 to $30 for 1000 to 2000 up to date paths. Use these lists to Email Merge to publish your cards. I purchase carrier paths for the 6 or 5 zip codes, of suburban miniature families. I search for the top middle class neighbor hoods. You shouldn’t ever purchase apartments or town paths, just the suburban paths.

Strategy to Email out at least one carrier path per week initially, then aim to mail up to 6 carrier routes per week, this really is a fantastic plan. How I email is to substitute my paths. I keep tabs on the scheduling, therefore to not replicate straight away. It’s a great idea to repeat one time every 3 to 4 months.